Raquel Peters, Unjustified Criticism, and the Truth

One of the many benefits that come from being associated with LIFE/TEAM, Orrin Woodward and the other Policy Council/Co-Founders is the true friends you meet along the self-improvement and community-building journey. Prior to this association, all my friendships were superficial and were really more acquaintances than friendships. I found out over time that when you develop the courage to step out of your comfort zone and begin to meet new people, God has a way of blessing you by putting fantastic individuals/couples in your life. I could spend the next month writing blog articles about all the great people God has placed in my life because of LIFE/TEAM, but I want to focus this article on one specific friendship that has developed over the years with Tim and Jennifer Samuels. Together, we’ve been through good times and bad times, but what sets this friendship apart is that when times have gotten tough, our friendship has grown stronger.

For those of you who follow this blog, you are well aware of the fact that over the past several years I have received unjustified criticism from Raquel Peters. What you may not be aware of is that over the past several months, Raquel’s negative attacks have intensified through on-line posts, phone calls, texts and personal meetings with various team members within my organization. She will tell you that her intentions are noble and that she only wants to protect people so they don’t go through what she went through over the past several years. But please don’t be fooled, everything Raquel has “went through” has been self-inflicted due to pride, ego and her unwillingness to participate in conflict resolution early on while all this was unfolding. I’m sure that Raquel would like our business to suffer because of her negative attacks, but the sad part about her actions is that the real victims are the individuals that believe her distorted version of what really happened and that have allowed Raquel to steal their dreams for a better future. To those individuals, please ask Raquel one simple question, “If LIFE/TEAM isn’t the answer to a better future, then what is your plan to help me live the life I’ve always wanted?” I’m guessing she won’t be able to provide an answer…at least one that will truly produce the results you’re looking for in life.

Tim and Jennifer not only had a front row seat while the Peters situation transpired, but they have also sat quietly over the past several years watching Raquel continually spread misleading information that has negatively impacted many innocent lives. As you may know, Tim and Raquel are cousins…a fact that Raquel uses to gain sympathy and support for her side of the story….”even my own cousin turned on me.” When in actuality, if anyone turned on anybody, it was Raquel that turned on Tim. I know Tim very well and I know that he values family very much. In fact, it is because of his value of family that he hasn’t confronted this issue sooner in hopes that Raquel would move on with her life and stop interfering with LIFE/TEAM members. But since Raquel insists on continuing her negative attacks, Tim and Jennifer have decided that the time has come when getting the truth out and doing what’s right is more important than being silent…even if a family member is involved. Therefore, Tim and Jennifer have written an article that relates to the ongoing criticisms/actions of Raquel and I would like to share that article with you. The following article has been written by Tim and Jennifer Samuels on their own volition and is posted below with their permission:

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

We have come to a point where we have decided that we can no longer stay silent about the events over the past several years. We have watched our friends and colleagues get slandered and lied about for too long. This is our story as it unfolded from the beginning.

We were contacted in January 2003 by Raquel Peters, Tim’s cousin, to get started in a business in which she had recently gotten started. From the very beginning, we were all in – not the fastest builders but believed in the principles and beliefs of the leaders and TEAM. As time passed we chose to mentor with Eric Blomdahl as he was the best fit for us – that was a decision that Raquel knew about. From very early in our involvement with TEAM, we never made that a secret.

In 2007, we left our affiliate company, Quixtar, through our own choice. We were not asked to leave Quixtar but based upon our own decision, chose to do so. During that time, we were still aligned closely with the Blomdahl’s. We had already started to see a separation within our team due to lack of communication with the Peters, the Blomdahl’s and us. Between August 2007 – March 2008, we all were working to hold our team together during our six month non-compete time.

When it came time to organize the team for registration in Mona Vie, and after developing a game plan with Eric, we talked to the Peters to verify who was going to talk to different parts of the group, how we were going to organize the registrations and when those registrations would be put into the computer. Two days before the date we had talked about we received a call from Mark Peters, Raquel’s husband, to let us know that “the registrations won’t be going into Mona Vie the way you think they are, the way George is doing it isn’t right.” That was the last communication with the Peters or the Morgan’s with regards to the registration process. As the deadline approached the Guzzardo’s, Blomdahl’s and ourselves tried many times to reach the Peters and Morgan’s trying to get clarification as to why the information we had received was different. None of our phone calls were ever returned. We attempted to get the registrations entered through the Blomdahl’s but on the night of registrations, the Peters called Tim where Raquel screamed and swore at him about the entire process. That was the last major communication we had with the Peters until July/August 2008. Later that same night we received a call from Eric explaining that the Peters had effectively locked him out from doing any further registrations in our team. He went on to explain that he had just gotten off the phone with Jill Guzzardo and that the plan was for him to register the part of our team he had left under himself and that the next day Jill would move them into their correct spot. The balance of the registrations for that group were the Peters responsibility and neither ourselves or the Blomdahl’s where involved. Mrs. Peters also claims that “we were given her third team during the Mona Vie registration process”. As we explained above, we had nothing to do with the placement of her third team – where to place them was her decision. Within several months that team was as well as several other large groups of our teams were “blown out” by conversations that the Peters had with them regarding the registration process. However from what we were told, the Peters never told anyone that they refused to cooperate or communicate with us or the Blomdahl’s to try and do anything different.

We had approached a couple that we personally sponsored during the late summer of 2008. We met with them at their home to sit down and talk about what was going on. At that time, relationships within the team had been strained. We had asked them if things were ok between us or if there were problems that they wanted to discuss. They stated at the end of the meeting that everything was ok between us and there was nothing to discuss. This meeting would be one of the last communications we would have with that couple.

We then sat down to meet with the Peters in August 2008 to discuss what had happened during the registration process and why things were so strained between us. When we arrived at the meeting, Raquel told us that her dad (Tim’s uncle) had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was incredibly distraught due to the news. Tim asked if she wanted to postpone the meeting but she said no. We did discuss where the confusion came from, and we left agreeing that we were following the mentoring and direction we were given by the Blomdahl’s and the Peters were following the direction given by the Morgan’s and that it was hard to fault one another for following their mentors. We left agreeing that then we needed to work on better communications and reestablish some shaken trust. That was the last face-to-face communication we had with the Peters to discuss what was going on between us.

We started to hear rumors in December 2008 from people on our team that the Peters were leaving TEAM and that the Blomdahl’s had been trying to destroy their business. We were never contacted by the Peters directly to hear that they were leaving or that they had additional issues with us or TEAM. During that same time period we were told that individuals (that we had directly sponsored or were working directly with in depth) in our team were being told by the Peters that we were “off-track”. At the St. Louis Major in February 2009, one couple in our second leg was asked to text Melanie Morgan with regular updates as to what was happening there. Melanie Morgan had never worked in our second team so it was quite upsetting to find out that all of a sudden she was texting with this couple.

We sent a letter to Mona Vie in January 2009 outlining the situation with the Peters and what was happening (Please see the attached letter in its entirety: Page 1, Page 2). We did not hear back from anyone at Mona Vie but hoped that this would stop the craziness that was going on in our business. It did not. For months, the Peters continued to disparage us, the Blomdahl’s, the Guzzardo’s, the Hawkins and the Woodward’s. This was destroying our team. The Peters claim that they build our taproot for us for years. Yet, we were out building the team just as they were. At that point, we decided enough was enough. We were not going to allow the Peters to continue to ravage our team and blow people out of our business. We needed to take steps to protect the people that we were working and building with. In June 2009, we sent a letter to the TEAM Office of our own accord. We were not asked to do this despite the claims made by Mrs. Peters that we were coerced into this action. (Please see the attached letter in its entirety: Page 1, Page 2). We would like to add one footnote – we made a typographical error in the year that we got started. It was 2003 not 2001 as stated in the letter – a mistake made on our part. We wanted to no longer be linked to the Peters as they were destroying what we had built. The Blomdahl’s did not “steal” us as claimed by the Peters. The last time we checked, we were not property – we were free. When the Peters went around to our team disparaging us and telling them to quit, we did not come back to them saying that they “stole people out of our business” – especially the ones that we personally sponsored. We had made a decision that if those people chose to leave, that was their choice – not for us to try to hold them hostage in the business. We stand by this decision as this business requires a positive working relationship with the same values and ethics. This environment no longer existed with the Peters.

In July 2009, Tim’s father had a conversation with his brother (Raquel’s father) and that Raquel had told her dad that she had tried to get in touch with Tim but he had not returned her calls. We never received any calls from the Peters. Tim sent the attached email message to Raquel to attempt to sit down and meet with them. (See attached email in its entirety: E-mail) As you can see, the Peters had made a decision that they were not going to sit down and speak with us at all. This ended the communication between us and the Peters.

We had hoped that this situation would be able to be resolved without having to come to this point. Yet, the Peters have continued to disparage us verbally and through posts on the internet – both on Mrs. Peters’ Facebook page and blog sites. These sites say things like “we want the lying to stop” and “the truth has to be told.” The Peters claim that TEAM took away their residual income; they chose to leave TEAM. Did they formally quit? We don’t know. They told many people that they did. And let’s be honest if you go around and trash your boss behind their back would you expect to still have a job. Mrs. Peters claims on her Facebook site she was not given her spot???? Why would she expect to? She has spent years slandering, disparaging, and attacking the very group she wanted to be welcomed back into, we don’t understand that. The residual income the Peters built was in Mona Vie, and when the Peters decided to destroy their “team” the Peters destroyed that income as well. We were told by several people that “The Peters were not leaving Mona Vie and would continue to build and support those people that left TEAM.” The Peters did not do this and their Mona Vie income reflects their actions. At No point have we come back to the Peters with regards to the fact that WE lost most of our Mona Vie income because of the Peters’ actions. In all of the information we have seen she never addresses that.

Many times Mrs. Peters has claimed that people were stolen from her, she has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours over the years proving that they were not “the property” of TEAM, the Woodward’s, or the Blomdahl’s. If she is right then how could any of us be her property? In our eyes she is the thief, we know of many people that had hope, because of the information and association in TEAM, that they could improve their finances, or mend relationships with their son or be a stay at home parent. The actions of the Peters and Morgan’s took that away from them. What did Mrs. Peters give them when she stole their hope?

The time had come for us to defend those about whom lies are being told. All we want is for the truth to be told. We want the lies to stop regarding us, the Blomdahl’s, the Guzzardo’s, the Hawkins and the Woodward’s. We are not self-righteous, we only believe in one absolute truth, but we know for a fact that the “truth” the Peters want the world to believe is based on what they want people to believe, not actually what happened. We want the Peters to just move forward with their lives and cease their remarks. The Peters made their decision three years ago to leave TEAM – now the Peters need to respect our decision to stay and build our business.

Tim and Jennifer Samuels

Tim and Jennifer did a great job in providing their side of the story in their article. All the links with the supporting documentation clearly shows that Raquel’s actions and behavior were a concern for quite some time and that attempts were made to try and get a handle on her actions before things got worse. Unfortunately, the fact that you’re reading this article is evidence that those attempts were unsuccessful. The other thing that stood out as I read their article was the irony regarding Raquel‘s “stolen team“ claim…the one claiming a team was stolen from her is actually the one doing the stealing from the Samuels‘. I’ve never been able to figure this one out…Raquel’s negative attacks blew out members of her own team and then she complained because her income dropped…??????

Tim and Jennifer briefly mention Raquel’s claim that her TEAM income was taken away. I would like to add some additional information regarding that claim. Earlier in this article, I mentioned that what Raquel has “been through” was self-inflicted. The following three points are perfect examples of what I am referring to when I make that statement:

1) Raquel made phone calls, scheduled meetings and met with numerous people within her team all on her own and announced that she had made the decision to leave TEAM. In addition, at a Mona Vie tasting party, she openly promoted Black Diamond University…which is perfectly fine to do, but she did so knowing very well that the Black Diamond University is a completely different method and philosophy of building communities than TEAM. She had every right to leave TEAM and switch to Black Diamond University, but then I think it’s only fair to expect her to take personal responsibility for her decision and actions and not blame others for the loss of TEAM income.

2) TEAM scheduled a “Go Black Diamond” meeting in Cleveland, OH and at that function had a special meeting for all Directors to review, ask questions, and sign the Director’s Agreement. All Directors were invited, including Raquel, and she chose not to attend the meeting. Again, she had every right to decide not to attend, but then I think it’s only fair to take responsibility for that decision and not blame others because she refused to attend a meeting and sign an agreement.

3) Raquel is quick to point fingers and blame everyone else for her predicament, but Raquel had options available to her when this situation was starting to “snowball” out of control. She could have implemented conflict resolution to resolve this matter…Orrin offered his help several times…she refused every time. Raquel also turned down Tim’s attempt to resolve this matter in the e-mail linked above in the Samuels’ article. Instead, the path she chose was to spend the last three years launching a negative attack campaign. Two things I have learned regarding life: 1) The only person responsible for our decisions and actions is our self; and 2) Our decisions and actions have consequences.

The above three points are perfect examples of how Raquel’s predicament is the result of her own decisions and actions. The following questions sum it all up: If an employee decides and announces they are leaving the company; then they refuse to attend a meeting and sign that company’s employee contract, then they refuse multiple attempts to help them resolve the conflict; and then they chose to spend the next three years slandering that company and its employees…would you expect that company to welcome them with open arms? Continue to pay them? Have former co-workers continue to do business with them? Have them be a spokesman/representative for the company? When viewing this example objectively from the company’s and co-worker’s perspective, I believe we all would agree the answer to be an unequivocal…No! So it is really unclear why Raquel feels it should be any different for her situation. It is unfortunate that the consequences of Raquel’s decisions and actions turned out poorly for her, but the time has come for her to take responsibility for her actions and move on with her life.

I am sure that Raquel and her supporters will come up with interesting responses in an attempt to refute this article, but if you’re like me, the “back and forth” is getting old. This dispute has dragged on way too long and has developed into a “he said; she said” situation. Causing everyone to wonder, “Okay, who’s really telling the truth here?” The time has come to get this matter behind us once and for all so that everyone involved can get on with their lives and get back to constructive things. I have reviewed all the posts, texts, activities, and documentation regarding Raquel’s activities. And in the process, the number of people who are willing to be personal witnesses is overwhelming. Therefore, I have decided it is time to get an outside, impartial, third-party involved to help resolve this matter. So I wanted each of you to be the first to know that I have turned this matter over to my attorney and we have asked a judge to step in and determine who’s telling the truth.

I know there will be opinions for and against this decision, but based upon Raquel’s latest attacks and the number of innocent lives that have been affected by her attacks, I feel it is the only course of action that will resolve this matter quickly and effectively. And in the end, if the judge determines I am wrong, I will be the first to publicly apologize to Raquel. Conversely, if the judge determines Raquel is wrong, then I would expect her to do the same in return.

In the meantime, I ask that all of you please say prayers for everyone involved so that this matter can be resolved quickly so we can get back to making a positive difference in people‘s lives.

I thank you in advance for all your thoughts and prayers…they are greatly appreciated.

God bless and have a great day!

Eric C. Blomdahl

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  1. I do not know Raquel Peters, however both my prayers and my belief system from the vantage point of knowing the Blomdahl’s, Guzzardo’s, Hawkins, Woodward’s leaves me with no doubt that because of their character, wisdom, fairness, and truthfulness in no way would they EVER do anything to hurt anyone’s business.


  2. Posted by Chad Sutkay on November 5, 2012 at 9:17 am


    You have our full support and prayers. It is indeed a sad conclusion that will come. Also having a close friendship with the Samuels and you and Jen, I can personally vouch for the sound character of both couples.

    God Bless,


  3. […] why would someone attack verbally, spreading rumors and unjustified criticism that can destroy others? Joseph M. Stowell explains what he calls “the self-centered […]


  4. Eric, even being crossline to your groups I have had several people question the articles from Raquel and that’s the only reason I even knew partially about this story. However, just like I do with all dishonest slander about the TEAM and its leaders, I shook my head in disgust and could only edify the character and integrity of all the leaders in TEAM. I appreciate the time you and the Samuels took in clearing up this information that’s been floating around and doing it in as classy of a way as possible. From my perspective it took a ton of courage and guts to detail the last 8 years despite how difficult this has been for all of you involved. My prayers go out to all involved for a speedy ‘recovery.’ You are truly making a difference in so many lives. God Bless!


  5. Posted by Mary Hermsen on November 6, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Wow…..Eric and Jen, Tim and Jennifer, I’m sorry you’ve been going through this. It sure must take away from your productivity and your peace of mind. Some of your “Tweets” make more sense now. We came in just about the time this started happening, but haven’t heard anything about it, except from this blog. We know Eric and Jen to be people of great character, (as well as all the other couples mentioned) and glad you are taking care of this so it won’t take up more of your valuable time and cause more mental anguish. We’ll be praying for you! God Bless.

    Pat and Mary


    • Thanks so much for your support. It’s because of great people like you that we fight the unjust criticism. LIFE/TEAM is the best vehicle on the planet to help people live the life they’ve always wanted.


  6. Posted by Tammy Maney on November 6, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Eric and Jen, we are soo blessed to have leaders like you. My prayers are with you and all envolved with this unjustified critism. I am 100% supportive of you and Jen as you have given me such grace,love,and acceptance. God has a plan and fully trust that…I do not want to think about where i would be in life if it wasnt for your and Jen’s guidance. I remember hearing somewhere that ” Critism is the death gargle of a non achiever” 🙂 God Bless Tammy


  7. Thank you Eric for having the courage to confront the truth and resolve this issue. Our prayers are with everyone involved. You have been a model of character and courage from the start. Thank you for everything you have done for myself and my family.


  8. Posted by Teesa Rossman on November 8, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    We wish you the best of luck in pursuit of truth and justice. It is great to see people like you two moving forward undeterred in your chase for greatness. Thank you for being a great example for all of the Team to follow.


  9. Posted by Steve Sager on November 9, 2012 at 2:58 am


    To say that we are so thankful for you and Jenn holding to your principles and integrity is an understatement. In my 15 years of Law Enforcement I have met only a handful of people who truly are “Men Of Honor.” You my friend are 1 of the very best. Yes, I’m sure if we all could go back and apply some conflict resolution; that may have helped.

    However, that being said; I recall seeing so many character red flags with Mrs Peters at associations and even conversations she would have “outside in the hallway.” I will not banter her name any further because the truth some how always finds those who deny it. We thank GOD every day for you driving the miles, losing sleep, stressed at your job, with barely any gas to get home, sleeping in your car and never quitting; for Dan & Lisa to come into our lives.

    A long time ago when I was a rookie police officer, I was given some sound wisdom… “take advice from those who earn it.” You Eric, have earned it for the past the 3 years and the entire Sager TEAM will support you, the Hawkins and the Leurquins!! We also are EXTREMELY thankful for Tim and Jennifer….they are humble servants with a passion to leave a legacy that I would want my own children to follow… and that’s called CHARACTER.

    If Mrs Peters feels she still is being treated wrong? Then call me and I will be there as your biggest supporter, no matter what!! I have no problem interrogating (cop thing, sorry) someone who cannot hold a candle of any truth.

    GOD bless,

    Steve Sager


    • Thanks Steve, I am really enjoying watching your growth and rise into leadership. I appreciate your comment and support. Keep leading, serving and changing lives…very proud of you!


  10. Thanks Eric. We have heard Raquel say many times in front of hundreds and thousands that Team is great for God and country and that she would do this business if she received no money and how much it helped her children and her marriage. We bought into her vision and “leadership” and then one day without any explanation or contact from her, she was gone. I have heard her say that people on the team stopped talking to her, but in truth it was Raquel who left us and stopped talking to us (Steve and Jamie).

    Because of the Team’s character and speaking no Ill will or negative toward people it took a long time for Jamie and I to find out exactly what was going on only that she had left and if you wanted to know more you would have to ask her. I still didn’t know truly what was going on, Until now, with all this well documented events. How could one explain all of what you just posted in a conversation. Eric, you and other leaders have stayed true to your character and your commitment to helping others. Have we all had tough times during riverbed changes? Yes. But you have stayed strong, stuck to your word, and lead with courage.

    Thank you as well to Tim and Jennifer. You two are some of the most kind hearted, gentle people I have ever met.


  11. Eric and Tim, My wife and I have watched over the years two men and their families strive to become excellent citizens, leaders and positive influencers. On many occasions I have had the privilege to listen to you speak and have private encounters with you that add credibility to you and your blog posts.

    You have an integrity and resolve that is rarely witnessed in today’s world. May God continue to provide that peace that surpasses all understanding.

    Your brother in Christ – Matt Mielke


  12. Posted by jasonwinkler on November 12, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Eric, Jen, Tim and Jennifer, Chris and I have known you all since the beginning when we got started with Team in 2003. You have all grown and work daily to apply what you have learned into your lives. You all have been an example of applying that information through your actions, which has been lead by character. We are glad to see that true character coming out in this article. We are sickened to see that Mrs Peters has not been able to move forward with her life and is acting out in such a way. You can humble yourself or God will humble you. Stay humble and God Bless


  13. Posted by Tom and Liz Moris on November 13, 2012 at 2:13 am

    Eric, Liz and I have known you since the beginning when we got started with TEAM in April of 2002. You along with others have been our mentors in this great business journey. Yes, all those who went through the transition into Mona Vie went through a tough 6 months trying our best to hold our teams together. For those who truely wanted their team(s) to survive they had to step up to the plate and increase their leadership level. This process, while painful, made us all stronger. Those of us that are still around to this day followed the Guzzardo’s recommendation on registering people into Mona Vie and we (if you were qualified) signed the Directors agreement. Were things perfect, no, but they worked out, we learn to be flexible and move on. Too much was at stake to fret about the little details. We have known the Guzzardo’s since we’ve know you. In fact George was the first person I saw show the business plan at our first open meeting in Rhinelander. The Blomdahl’s and the Guzzardo’s earned our trust. This whole process was a win:win deal. Why would they do anything to jeapordize our trust in them, if we left the business their business would be negatively affected. But, with that said they didn’t need us, as they had built a successful business at that point.

    We knew the Peters and the Morgan’s. The Morgan’s were great leaders in their own right. They helped many, many people, we were in their downline, yet we were never in contact with them when the transition occured. They never told us what was going on with them, they just abandon us. To this day we’ve never heard from them, it’s like they just fell off the face of the earth. Really? After going through so much together…really? We felt abandon, even though we were in good hands with Eric and Jennifer it hurt a lot. But we didn’t complain, retaliate or condemn…we moved on.

    We knew Raquel, but not nearly as well as the Morgan’s. She was an up and coming business builder and insired many people. She had so much to offer, it saddens me to hear what she has done to divide and damage so many lives. She was so passionate about the business when we knew her. She earned her freedom day, and I believe her husbands too. Obviously, she or someone soured her and influenced her into her negative actions and words. We all have to take responsibility for our decisions and actions. She obviously is not demonstrating character, integrity, honesty, or responsibility for her’s. We trust and respect all those who have been through the battles with this business and are continuing to serve their teams. They are earning their eternal lives with their Creator. God is watching, he knows who is right and who is wrong. We know Eric and Jen are right because they’ve been by our sides through it all. They are amazing servant leaders which is why they have such large and successful teams. Tom and Liz


    • Thanks Tom and Liz for your post. I have really enjoyed watching you both grow and develop into great people/couple. You are truly making a difference in people’s lives. I am honored to be associated with you and value our frienship very much!!


  14. Posted by Lisa Mangold on November 13, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    First, I must say that my family has been greatly blessed by being introduced to the Team, it’s leaders, the information offered and the LIFE business! I could honestly write a book about the principles that my family has learned from Eric and Jen Blomdahl, Renee Oettinger, Dan and Lisa Hawkins, George and Jill Guzzardo, Orrin and Laurie Woodward as well as many others who are leaders/speakers within this community. By choice, we have learned from the Team system, the LIFE subscriptions and personal mentoring from Eric and Jen. Some of what we have learned are things we already knew but the people named above have put the principles into action in their own lives and by their example and stories we have become stronger as a family. Our entire future has been changed because of their servant leadership and influence in our lives. Personally, we are so thankful for all that these leaders represent and do to make a difference in the lives of so many people!

    It can be heartbreaking to know that even though the LIFE founders and leaders spend time to study truth, strive to live truth, work to share truth with others, seek to become servant leaders through a personal development process, actually have a vision and viable plan to change the culture of our country – that some will actively seek to destroy that which is good. Our family has been involved in mission work abroad and Christian ministry in the states for the past 15 years. We have studied truth, aimed to live the truth, worked hard to make a difference and every place we have been – and there has been opposition to that which is good – and nearly all of that opposition came from within the communities we were serving! Even though we experienced opposition we also experienced great support and encouragement – and nearly all of that encouragement came from within the communities we were serving. How can that be?? One thing that I have learned through the years and believe to be true is that everyone has their own perspective, everyone views the world through their own lens, everyone has a choice how to respond to a situation, everyone has a choice in their attitude, everyone has choice in the words they write/speak and ultimately a choice in the legacy they leave. As a result it is possible for people to go through a similar experience and have totally different stories on what really happened due to their perception of reality and the personal choices made. My prayer is that those who believe they have a conflict with any leaders of the TEAM – LIFE community (including myself) or believe they have been wronged in some way through the business transitions that have occurred would have the courage to seek to resolve the conflict personally or if appropriate,
    seek mediation offered through http://www.peacemaker.net. If resolution is not desired, then what benefit is to those who complain? What my husband and I have found in ministry is that criticism and negative comments hurt those who criticize more than anyone and generally gave my husband lots of illustrations for sermons.

    As I read through the comments offered on this blog I believe the integrity of the people shines through with each comment made. It is interesting that the LIFE leaders with blogs are followed by real people not ashamed to attach their names to their comments and most other blogs I see on the Internet are filled with opinions by people with aliases. I am truly blessed to be associated with Eric and Jen Blomdahl!

    Lisa Mangold


    • Lisa, you are an amazing leader. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and provide your support. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow and change and become a person that is truly going to make a big difference in this world. Keep charging forward…very proud of you!!


  15. Posted by ChrisJensen on November 13, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Now these are the positive comments I enjoy reading! Stumbled onto that very negative A…….x site which is bitter poison plus literally made me feel ill.!! The world needs more positive, inspiring people like you all who posted above! And none of you are my upline!! And if i’m not making money, it’s because i’m not out there! I don’t blame Team or anyone on Team!! Are we perfect? No, only God is! Thru Team/Life, many are striving and succeeding to be better not bitter! Keep learning and pray for those who are hurting. As Jason said above, humble yourself or God will humble you. God Bless you all, as i believe he has and will continue to do so!


    • Christine, thanks for your comment and perspective. I am very proud to be associated with everyone on LIFE/TEAM. I love surrounding myself with positive people who are striving for something more out of life and who focus on unselfishly serving others. It is very refreshing when you find an individual that is willing to take personal responsibility…you are a class act!


  16. Posted by Carrie Visek on November 14, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    I can not believe Mrs. Peters is still not over the situation that she has caused only by herself. I believe Raquel was very passionate about TEAM, but in the end, the character you DO learn in this journey obviously did not carry on with her. I, myself, truly believe in the leaders of TEAM/LIFE and what they stand for. You, Jen, Tim and Jennifer (and I know there are others very close to me involved with the criticism) have handled this very maturely. I know who my TRUE friends are in this business and I will be behind you all 100%. I pray for everyone involved.


  17. Eric,
    It has been said …”Hurting people hurt people” I am sorry You and Jen and all the families having to deal with this. I have seen nothing but great Character Honor and Integrity from you! You lead from the front and set a great example of true leadership. I hope their is an ending to this for you guys soon and … the valuable time you have worked soo hard for you can enjoy more of it!! 🙂


  18. Posted by Gary Severson on November 17, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Eric, I want to thank you for being such a great example for Erika & I, personally, and also for our TEAM communities. I have no doubts that your mentorship with Tim & Jennifer has been instrumental in their development as trusted leaders on the TEAM. I’ve been impressed with the Samuel’s character throughout the past few years as they’ve handled adversity with complete class. I’ve never once heard anything negative from anyone associated with Tim & Jennifer, infact, many of our friends share the same feelings in that the Samuel’s are constantly serving others and giving of themselves, day in and day out. It is an honor to serve along side all of you! God bless.


    • Gary, I really appreciate you taking the time to post a comment. I agree…Tim & Jennifer have truly developed into trusted leaders on TEAM. I want to compliment you and Erika for your growth, character, commitment and leadership on TEAM as well. Keep serving; keep leading; I am very excited for your future. God bless!


  19. Hi Eric,
    Thank you so much for your Integrity in standing up for what is the Truth and finally trying to bring all of this to an end. We are so Blessed to have you and Jen in our lives and we will stand behind you and the Samuels through this mess.
    We have seen your character in action more than once and are excited to have Raquel in a position to share openly all of her concerns so hopefully everyone over the years that have listened to the nonsense will finally see the TRUTH. We are amazed by how people will give up on their Dreams and listen to someone who has never stood up and taken any responsibility for her own actions. I think so many people have been sold a bill of goods that they don’t deserve success that they will use someone like a Raquel as an excuse for not being willing to do what it takes to succeed. We love the Leadership of TEAM and have been involved for more than 7 years so we feel we have enough history to comment. We will continue to Pray for this whole situation.

    God Bless Everyone involved,
    John and Penny Graff


    • John: Your comment, support and prayers are greatly appreciated. Stay focused and keep serving others, the truth will prevail. Very proud of you and Penny…keep leading and changing lives. God bless!


  20. Posted by Jammie on November 19, 2012 at 3:26 pm


    We appreciate that you are willing to start a process that can lead to resolution for all parties. Communication is the key to conflict resolution, and I am thankful to have learned that from the leaders that we have been blessed to work with as a part of LIFE and Team. I’m prayerful that the door to communication and resolution may be opened through this process.

    We will continue to pray for resolution.



  21. […] friend and business partner Eric Blomdahl recently put up a post that made me get that tingly feeling you get when you see greatness! I was […]


  22. Posted by Gloria Klomsten on February 13, 2013 at 10:32 am


    I want to thank you, Jen, Tim and Jennifer Samuels for confronting this matter in the way you have. It takes such courage to bring the truth to light and that is what is being done.

    I have been part of TEAM since 2006 and have been blessed with having all of you as part of my learning and growing experience and will continue that path.

    It is sad and sickening after seeing what Raquel was a part of, having the truth and knowledge available as she did, give that up and destroy the hope of so many others. That she continues to this day is even more mind boggling but the truth shall prevail.

    Again, thank you and you have my full support.

    God Bless!


  23. […] 2. In depth article from Eric Bloomdahl about why someone would go on a personal vendetta against Orrin Woodward and anything related to LIFE: click HERE. […]


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