Orrin Woodward’s New Book a Big Hit!

Orrin Woodward’s new book, “RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE”, is already proving to be a big hit. The following are two great reviews from Orrin’s blog worth reading:

“Dana Collins is one of the top leaders in the networking profession. She is a student of leadership and is constantly learning. In fact, she was one of the keynote speakers at Art Jonak’s last MasterMind Event. Tens of thousands of people around the world are part of her community. She sent the Networking Times editorial staff the following email when asked what books she was reading:

Great idea, Josephine. I am reading “Resolved” by Orrin. This book, I believe, will be a classic. I bought a copy for each of my key leaders. Each week we have a call to discuss a chapter. It is a playbook for building a foundation in yourself that can build a tremendous culture in your family, team, and community. Incredible book! And btw, this is not a paid endorsement!


Oliver DeMille is one of the most respected educators in the country, having written the classic book, Thomas Jefferson Education. This book initiated a revolution in the home schooling movement. His talk at the LIFE major impacted thousands of people, being one of the highlights of the entire weekend! I have met few people who read more books than Oliver so when I received his thoughts on my new book, I was honored. When a principle-centered man and friend of his caliber is impacted that lets me know my labor wasn’t in vain.


Sorry I’ve been out of it all week. I got a really bad flu. Anyway, I’m back. I love your new book. It is fantastic! A true home run! I love the cover. Wow, that painting is so perfect with your title and message: Resolved. You nailed it.

I loved each of the 13 resolutions. Perfect. In the perfect order. And it builds on Benjamin Franklin’s and George Washington’s personal resolutions. I loved that you included these in the appendices. This book is so excellent. I really like the way each chapter emphasizes a resolution, a character trait of leadership, and highlights of a leader who followed it. It hits the reader on so many levels. This is your best work yet! It’s a magnum opus. Wow!

I like that you used Lou Holtz. I’m a real fan of his stuff. And I once again felt so connected to your work when I read the Will Smith chapter. Will is a really great leader. He and his wife Jada use TJEd with some of their kids and Rachel and I have been in their home and had dinner and social events with them. Will had me speak to a group of his friends in his home, and during the Q&A he talked as much or more than I did. Someone would ask a question about TJEd and before I could answer it Will would say, “The answer to that is on page XXX,” and he’d turn to that page in TJEd and read the answer. He had the whole book underlined, highlighted and marked up in multiple colors. He knew the page-by-page details of my book better than I did. Anyway, Rachel and I had a similar experience with Will and Jada as with you and Laurie—you both read my book and contacted us and eventually we ended up at your home and speaking to your friends and discussing important principles of freedom and education. I thought it was really cool that you had him as your example of programming the elephant.

I really loved that you gave Sam Walton 2 chapters. What a great leader. I think Steve Jobs bears a similar study—maybe a future writing project for us. Also, the section on New England fiat money is brilliant! The 5 laws of decline are wow! This book is just outstanding. As I said, another home run!

Well done!

I’ve only read this once through, so I’ll more to say when I read it backwards and really try to milk out more detail. But I just had to gush to you about how good this is! It’s fantastic. I just wish I had read it before the Ohio speech so I could have it on my top 6 (7) book list. Oh well, next time!

This book is just plain transformational! Thank for sending it! I’m so excited to read it again.


I encourage you to get a copy of Orrin Woodward’s latest work. “RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE” is a “must have” for your library.

Your future awaits, go get it!

Have a great day and God bless, Eric Blomdahl

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chad Sutkay on November 23, 2011 at 8:52 am

    I am just breaking into RESOLVED and I can already tell its a grand slam. I am still amazed how Orrin packs so much wisdom and knowledge into a format anyone can follow and choose to apply, incredible!!

    I smell a hot new best seller in an age where more and more adults need the information crammed into this book!

    God bless,
    Chad Sutkay


  2. […] Will Smith. At last night’s challenge group we discussed chapter 4 in Orrin Woodward’s ‘Resolved’ book discussing how to align our conscious (ant) mind with our subconscious (elephant) mind towards […]


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